Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ski Day, notes from the Journal

Photo: Musselman's Lake, East Beach, Friday night.

From the Journal:

jan 17
Today, we got more snow--multiple centimetres, very nice.  Still, I did not go skiing but instead walked around the lake. It was sunset at start out and very pretty.  I took pictures.

Jan 18th, I presume.
I did  want to write a blog post, and answer a letter, and another letter, emails, technically speaking, but letter is the word I use for a read worthy missive over a certain length, one from Claudette and another from Gus, both read worthy people indeed, but my eyes are sore, and my mind is tired and it all seemed  a bit overwelming, so lets just journal, shall we?
Went skiing today, Yay! Great snow, some track set, a bit thin in places, crusty ice below, but still fast and nice. Very nice. It felt balmy and warm at -5C with the sun out and the wind still, but at the end of the run I got very chilled. It was grey and windy.  The temperature alone is not the most important thing.  It was good to ski, and followed by a visit with June at the nursing home. She is fun to talk to. I showed her all my pictures on my Purcey2 and she enjoyed them.  I enjoyed her company. In the activity room they were playing some kind of chair hockey game with pool noodles. I heard plenty of thumps and laughter. It was good noise to hear, very nice. June told us how many $$$ the ice storm cost. She told us in exact dollar amounts. I forget the dollar amounts. I showed her all the beautiful pictures of the crystal trees, and said that these were expensive pictures indeed as the ice storm was so costly.
I got another golden hug from Chris Chapman. Those are lovely. I promised June an email when we are in Ottawa.  Riker is stalking his toys, which are nothing but little denim squares I stitched up years ago but they seem like they mean much more to Riker. I have no idea whether they represent mice or kittens to him, but he carts them all over.
There, done, journal and rambling blog post all in one.
Here's today's ski wax stop in Uxbridge woods.

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