Tuesday, January 7, 2014

That Other Place I Work--Journalling

So there's this other place I work. I may have mentioned it before. I go there two days a week, and do office things, and warehouse things, and it's tame and congenial, I pretty much know what I need to do and I do it. It feels safe, something that art never is. It's in an outlying suburban industrial park, a bland flat landscape of indistinguishable single-story buildings. I never bring my camera. It just isn't what I consider "camera-worthy". Forests are camera worthy, and fields, and farmlands, and mountains, oceans, fields, swamps, ponds, lakes, rocks, trees, dirt, salamanders, bugs, flowers, mushrooms, cats, all these things are camera worthy to me, and I drag my camera everywhere except to this "other place that I work" (and shopping), as it's not "camera-worthy". Because industrial parks, especially well-kept suburban industrial parks are simply not camera worthy. So on the day after the ice-storm, when the power was still off in my home, and many thousands of other homes, I went to this other place, and I didn't take my camera. And because I didn't take my camera, I never got photos of trees turned into match-sticks, and trees made of dripping glass drooping and golden under amber street-lights surrounded by velvet darkness. I didn't get photo's of trees turned into glowing hot pink sparkling chandeliers lit by the sinking sun, I didn't get photo's of the street where I work, where the street, at 4pm, looking west, turned into a gilded avenue of golden glittering trees with branches bowed and arching across the road. No, I caught none of that, because that "other place where I work" is just a job and couldn't possibly be camera worthy.
The glittering tree photo was my best salvage attempt. I was taking out the garbage (one of my duties) and there was a lone tree in the back lot, as bland and un-photogenic a location as can be imagined, and it was glowing in the sun, and I ran, literally ran, back inside to grab my android tablet with it's low-res forward facing pitiful pin-hole camera to do the best I could. My first attempt captured a very good image of my thumb. The next was sort of okay, better than nothing. I now have a new android tablet, with a much better camera (front and rear facing) and it takes pretty good pictures, so I won't be caught without a camera again. But it's not the camera that counts, it's the attitude and perhaps mine needs some adjustment. Perhaps this is another resolution or new years goal, to open my eyes, and not assume that in some situations there is nothing of interest to see. Maybe I should snap a picture a week.
Here is a view from my car, where I sit and wait for doors to open in the morning. On a cold day, things get pretty steamy inside where I stay toasty warm with layered clothing, hot coffee and radio to keep me company. I actually like my "car" time, and no matter how cold it gets, I do not idle the engine, extra blankets are all I need (and hot coffee).

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Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

you can never know what is "camera-worthy", and really with digital cameras if is a bad photo you just delete it. digital gives the advantage of everything possibly being camera worthy :) (having said that, I really have to remember to bring my camera with me everywhere more)


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