Saturday, January 11, 2014

the weather

Todays weather, fog, rain, ice, flood

From the journal (yesterdays words):

The weather is horrible, or will be horrible.   Last night we had such a wonderful time, Randy and I, night skiing in the Hollidge tract.  The snow was crisp, the moon was up. Randy enjoyed the moon, and no need for flashlights, even in the  swamp were it is always dark, the moon came in in chiascuro patches.  Everything, on such a night, is beautiful, black silver and rich deep blue.

The trails still needed breaking in, and break them in I did, until the curvy south hill was smooth as butter, and the big hill was WAY TO FAST.  I swore fast and loud going down that one in the dark.  But then it was time to go, get back for dinner, a great ski, but a bad (for skiiers) weather report looming. The temperature was going up, way up for   Saturday, and Friday afternoon it would be above zerro. So I went skiing this morning when it was still a crunchy -5C, but with an extra 2cm of snow, so the downhill runs were a little more tame,  I made the best of it, and did both hills 4 times, as it would/will be last chance for a while.  Now we have fog and drizzle, and it gets worse.  18mm of rain is predicted, and thats alot of rain, and the snow is very deep and the snowbanks are high, and at 8c thats a whole lot of water coming down from the sky and melted from the ground all at once. Randy wanted to shovel,  but I think it would be like sticking your finger in a dam, we just have to wait and see, and have some salt ready for the ice rink that is sure to follow.  So I got some extra exercise,  because I can't resist routine, and so also walked around the lake in the dark and the fog, wearing an orange reflective traffic jacket (as always for lake walks) and a blinking red petzl light (definitely on foggy nights). As I did not get run over, I am assured that I was visible.

I had a good art day, again, in spite of a slightly late start due to skiing. I did my carve for Year of the Horse, and also began the monoprint backgrounds, I made a little deckel mask to give them all a nice edge, and that's as far as I got. I photographed and posted to  Etsy two landscape miniatures which took an hour, ack. I'm not sure how to shave time off that unless I skip scanning, or something, don't know. I need to get faster, or charge much more than 25, or just be happy if I sell something for what ever pennies per hour I make. Maybe I just shouldn't think too hard about it. It was a good day, I got things done. Happy, right, happy, and so to bed.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

love the horse, what is that carved on? looks pretty thick

kaslkaos said...

It's softoleum. I love the stuff, it's ready to press, no mounting required.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i use soft lino too, kills my hands trying to carve the hard stuff. that piece just looks really thick


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