Friday, February 28, 2014

I Love the Sun in Winter, journal and art

Photo, Musselman’s Lake, adjusted in GIMP

It’s Winter! It’s cold! And it’s Sunny! Because this is February and the world does turn.  I can’t get enough of the sun at this time of year, all living creatures seem to respond. It doesn’t matter if it’s –20C outside (it is!), the chickadees and sparrows sing their spring songs. I make room in front of my window to sit and play guitar. The dog and cat jockey for that single spot on the rug that catches the sun, and my fuchsia and geranium grow nubs of flower buds responding to the light.  For a techno take on signs of spring, my solar garden lights glow at dusk for the first time in many months.

Sun in Winter sketches done on my Android Tablet, using the Artflow App (one of the few I have paid for and still feel grateful to the developer—it’s quite useable free too).
artflow_201402281504  artflow_201402281500

From the Journal:

Feb 23 2014
there is nothing better than sun in winter, sun bright and strong beaming from the sky and bouncing off the snow, an overload of brilliance from all directions.  There is nothing better than sunshine on a cold February afternoon.  Worth a quick and tempory rearrangement of furniture, where my favourite comfy chair is pulled up against the plants that thrive in the large west livingroom window.  So what if the african violets must be shoved aside to make room for one non-chlorophyll based life form who momentarilly feels equal need to soak up the solar rays.
Today we went skiing, more than an attempt, but less than satisfying. Recent rains built a crust on the snow, and the trails are hard and granular. Unforgiving, and fast on the downhill slopes. Fast on the uphill slopes too, but in the wrong direction.  Whatever wax we put on our skiis was stripped away within 5 minutes or a hundred strides, one hill later and we back to slipping and sliding backwards down the hill or spinning our tires on the straight away. It is not the first time that I truly wished I had a 2nd pair of waxless skiis to switch to in such weather.  It felt like we spent more time fiddling with skiis than skiing, between removing our skiis for waxing, and removing our skiis to safely get down a hill.  Did I say it was fast?  Fast, not fun. I didn't enjoy careening down at literally breakneck speed with absolutely no room to manoevre in the narrow tracks, and less control. Not fun.  We eventually gave the skiis a ride home under our armpits, and am very greatful that our current pairs of ski boots have proper snow treads. Walking, by far, was easier.  When we got home, we also walked around the lake, to make up for the bad skiing.  As frustrating as it was, I did not feel well exercised, did I say conditions were fast? Yep, zero calories used on any downhill stretch.  The walk around the lake felt good, followed by winter window sun bathing, also very nice.

another artflow digital sketch, thinking of sun


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

great colours in the photo :(my eyes are playing tricks on me, i see half of a cows face in the lower left :p)

Michelle Basic Hendry said...

Now that you mention the cow, Jennifer Rose, I see it! Very cool!
I love the joy in the sun pieces. That point in the winter where the silence gives way to the birds again.

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Jennifer, and Michelle, and yah, now that you mention it I can NOT see the cow, Moo...


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