Monday, February 10, 2014

Just Doodle, do you?

I don’t doodle much.  I was reminded this morning as I listened to CBC Radio, the Current, doing an interview with Sunni Brown discussing the power of doodling (links to the radio show).
Sunni Brown's theory is that the simple act of doodling opens up creative thought (at least that was my take on it) and it made me realize it had been awhile since I doodled.  In fact, it made me realize, that I've been so caught up with "making art" that I don't allow myself to doodle, and at the same time, I often find myself at a loss for ideas, staring at the page and wondering what I should draw.
So today, I dedicated whatever time it would take to fill up a page. It took me an hour with a hard pencil (I think a soft pencil would have sped things up a bit, as the use of an HB forced me to scritch in lines in a slow and methodical fashion. In the way of doodles, I gave up control, aesthetics and narrative to let things happen, so the dog is the neighbours dog as it was walked by my window and the cat is there because one of the radio announcers described how he had doodled a cat wearing a fish for a tie (now that would be something); after that, things just sort of happened.
It does bring up another question, when is it just a doodle, and when is it art.
Something to ponder, I'll just try to remember to just let go a little more often and scribble and scritch until the page is full.
Now all ye go forth and doodle.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i need to doodle more too actually, use to all the time when i was on the phone but now I can't concentrate on the phone conversation if I start drawing :p

well there are people that call doodles a zentangle and consider that art

kaslkaos said...

Now I wish I hadn't looked up Zentangle. Someone's found a way a way to copyright and certify a common method of creating art.
Ah well, we'll just call them doodles. Try a 10 minute one to start on a tough day.


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