Thursday, February 20, 2014

Snow, Beautiful Snow, and Rainbow Psychedelic Skies

IMG_8393iridescent cloud, south magnetawan
I have no idea how to begin, which picture to start with?  I was away visiting friends who live on the Magnetawan River. What a weekend.  The weather was crispy cold, –28C at it’s coldest, and that’s tree cracking cold, not to mention eyeball and nut freezing cold (interpret that as you wish, but lets just say the husband owns no longjohns).  We love snow! And cold!  And great company. The weather could not have been better. Arctic highs at anytime rev my engines, and this weekend I could not stop. I was FAST, and couldn’t settle. Skiing, I was running ahead of the pack and circling back, continuously, like a wind-up toy (likely an annoying wind-up toy), I was almost, no, definitely relieved when we skied off the snowmobiled trails (which were perfect for my skiis) and into deep trackless snow.  That slowed me down to normal.  There was more snow than I remember seeing since my childhood. Finally, maybe one last kick at the can, a pre-global warm/climate changed winter. One beautiful crispy cold snow bound super fun white wonderland winter. Oh joy and bliss.
IMG_8382Yes, for real, that’s me in hip deep snow, fun fun fun..and I was wearing skiis, so there was more snow further down.
IMG_8395iridescent cloud through the trees just below the sun (red spot is just a lens effect)
We also were treated to the most beautiful noon sky I’ve ever seen. A quick glance towards the sun, and I realized there was quite a phenomenon overhead.  We were treated to a lovely display of iridescent cloud.  It turns out that a good pair of polarized sunglasses (thanks Cyd) will let you see this under circumstances that bare eyes cannot. I had to loan my husband my pair so he too to gaze up and say “Oh Wow!”.  My camera, a pocket type, has no polarized filter, but an auto-enhance with irfanview ramped up the colours to something that approximates what I saw. So while the photo has been enhanced, it basically shows it how I saw it (wearing polarized glasses) without exaggeration (including the top photo).
IMG_8373an abandoned car wearing a few feet of snow.
IMG_8389Skiing up the portage. Snowmobiles tried to get through and gave up. We had deep powder. I mostly skied through the trees to stay on top of the crust/sort of.
IMG_8387Happy shiny winter people.
IMG_8376Nice day for a ski…
IMG_8399Nice day for a walk too.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

you need to crochet that man some warm underwear :p

i do miss that amount of snow, so pretty :)

kaslkaos said...

But you did get a good whack of snow, didn't you.
My friends have a crochet pattern for a Peter Warmer. I thought it was a joke--maybe not so much...
PS using an outhouse at -28C rush job.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

we had about 5 inches, and it melted over night :/
no, its not a joke lol
yeah def a rush job or time to get heaters for the outhouse :p

Elisabeth Zwania said...

Das ist mein Traum!!!

kaslkaos said...

Tante Elizabeth, danke for the comment, my dream too!
Jennifer, lets just say I did not leaf through the stack of magazines.

Michelle Basic Hendry said...

I'm like you - I love the deep snow, but I'm a snowshoer. I do miss that. Beautiful pictures! It's 66F and sunny here... Can't really complain for now!

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Michelle, you would have had a fine time up the portage--too much snow for skiis.
Enjoy the sun. You must have green things growing at those temps.


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