Saturday, February 8, 2014

Taking Linocuts into the Next Dimension—Art

Here’s what I’ve been dabbling with these days.  A complete distraction, or a new direction.  The above objects are sculpey polymer clay. I had some 20 year old leftovers (yep, proof that I really am past my best before date) which I began with. It’s a little chalky, and the finished product is easilly scratched but white, and made the lovely lower right dangly thing.  All others made with my brand new sculpey III 1lb block.  The lightest colour I could get at the art store (without a special order) was beige (middle heart).  I’ve been painting and tinting and testing with acrylic paints. I’m finding out that strong tinting/staining colours are awesome when applied sparingly (rubbed) or stained (applied thick and rubbed off when still damp).  Opaque colours are not so good. Priming with white, not good.  So I’ll need to special order something soon.
It’s a messy hands-on process.  Here I’m letting the beige sculpey work for me, and using very thin tints to gain colour.  I’m using my linocuts as a “push mold”, rolling out the sculpey and pressing the media deeply onto the lino.  I’ve always been fascinated by the sculptural quality of a deeply carved lino, and am really excited to find another way to use it.  Some lino’s work better than others. If they were initially designed to make a paper print, the negative spaces can be very distracting.  So some of may favourite images do not make the transfer, but here I’m using the ones that work well.
So far I’ve given them all holes so that they can be used as medallions and buttons, because I hate waste, so I want my experiments to have a potential future around my neck or on my crochet. I’ll probably end up with a pretty cool personal button collection. They involve too much careful brush work and layering to sell them (as in not worth my time for the going rate of buttons) but could make some nice gifts.
My centipede linocut was my favourite nice surprise. Successive layers of burnt umber acrylics, applied, rubbed off, re-applied and rubbed off, etc gave it it`s colour.  I plan to wear this one.

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Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thats a good idea! don't know why I didn't think of it, it makes sense to use some of the lino cuts as press moulds. another thing to do the cuts rather than them just gathering dust :)


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