Friday, February 21, 2014

Winter Garden, Flowers of February

IMG_8409Dancing Bones Cactus, Drunkard's Dream, Spice Cactus, Hatiora salicornioides
This winter has been a little extra crispy, and with those cold temperatures come sunny days.  My indoor garden could not be happier, soaking up the sun in the west and east windows while enjoying moderate indoor temperatures (we like seasonal settings for our thermostat, 15C-to 17.5C, garden plants are quite happy at these temps and the relative humidity is plant friendly.
Todays weather is dingy gray, warming temperatures call for rain (sad), and lots of it (scary for homeowners, flood and water damage risk is high).  We already sprung a leak from all the snow melt coming off our roof.  The husband was up above shovelling. Turns out the snow load in some spots was knee deep. The ice build up (from the December ice storm) is impossible to move (at least without hacking the shingles off) so there’s still a load up there) but the snow removal at least solved the mystery of the sticky front door. As in, we could not figure out why it was taking progressively more brute force to get our front door open and shut, duh!
I hate rain in winter. It’s the worst thing, next to freezing rain, which is horrific. So glad my garden is bright and sunny even on the grey days.
Here are some more show-offs.

IMG_8405Fuchsia, Dark Eyes
IMG_8407African Violet, Jolie Concerto,  Saintpaulia
IMG_8410African Violet, Candy Fountain, Saintpaulia


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

ooh what a prettily coloured Fuchsia :)

John just bought a cherry tree, wants to plant it tomorrow, really hoping it then doesnt decide to snow :/
there are so many plants out right now I really have to try hard to not buy any since I really have no were to put them :( Will plant some lilies tho in a few weeks and then cross my fingers they grow

kaslkaos said...

Mixed baskets! Big ones. Something tall & skinny, something trailing, something lush & bountiful. Obviously, inspite of your snow pics, it's a lot warmer where you are.
Cherries are gorgeous in bloom!


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