Thursday, March 13, 2014

IOWA University Postcard Printmakers Exchange WIP

I’ve got two weeks to finish & get them through the mail. 13 need to be posted, at a postcard friendly 4x6 inches. The theme is transformations.  Thoughts of spring abound, in spite of the frigid temperatures, or because of the yo yo weather. Yes, it was –19C last night. Yesterday, we had yet another humongous dump of snow. After a long drive home from ‘that other place that I work’, I grabbed my skiis, walked to the end of the driveway, clipped my boots in the binders and skied down the street!  Perhaps now you envision an under-serviced rural route, and farm yard driveway, but nope, I live in a tiny house, on a small suburban-sized lot, on a main (regional road). One of the first roads serviced in any snowstorm, and yet I could ski down the street.  This is a novelty.
The sun is shining, the snow is sparkling, it’s cold. Tomorrow rain is on the menu. No wonder I’m thinking of things under ground, waiting for warmth and sun.  It will happen, it must happen. The world does turn.
3 overlayed linocuts. Sun, bulb, plant.  Not necessarily in that order. Definitely happy with the colour. I’m going with amber, brown and turquoise. The turquoise is toned down with brown. Actually, they are all mixed colours. Each one should end up slightly different. Still need to decide on it thought. Not sure if the composition (top left image) completely works. And the plant needs some trimming. That’s the easy part.
And I’m working on my blog, mostly, getting rid of clutter, and adding more. I don’t mean to add more, but, not sure. Basically, took off a bunch of picture things, added an etsy widget, left my fine art widget, added what I hope are navigational and sign up aids.
And Etsy, and paper mache, and sculpey, and… oh, and I’m playing hooky this afternoon to go skiing before it rains tomorrow.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

the print is full of energy :) i like the colours you have used as well :)

enjoy skiing!

Michelle Basic Hendry said...

Each one stands alone.
Hope the skiing was good. Spring is coming!


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