Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Just a Quickie, Morning Sketches


Here’s a few sketches from my new ‘um, ‘sketchbook’.  I hate sketchbooks, I have dozens, partly filled, acquired in high hopes and abandoned. I find them completely intimidating. I don’t buy them anymore and do all my sketching on a4 paper. That leaves me with a terrible clutter. Wouldn’t a little book be nice to have and hold? But how to start.

I often fold and tear a4 paper into quarters, so why not make it official?  Just hole punch the keepers and put them together, shuffle the order, reduce and recycle, no pressure, no commitment, mistakes can be burned and buried if desired. Just keep moving that pen/pencil, brush, whatever tool is in hand, even if the mind is cluttered, tired, dull, sleepy or (as you can see) badly in need of coffee.

In other news, I spent most of my day gessoeing hard-board/masonite.  A more time-consuming task than I’d thought, but was VERY PLEASED that my local hardware store >Happy Happy Shout Out to Shell Lumber, Home Hardware in Stouffville).  I asked for 6 8x8inch pieces, and they sliced and diced at no extra charge. Because I hate waste, I suggested finishing the scraps in 5x7inch and 2.5x3.5 (atc-sized) pieces. Kept me busy painting them white today. They only charged me for the masonite used. Wow! Shell Lumber is a patron of the arts, really.  The art store charges .89c for an 8x10 piece of masonite (I just bough some prior).  So I am super thrilled with Shell Lumber.  Hope they get the business and profits and success they deserve.  I’ll be back.  I have more to say on them (GREAT THINGS) but they probably deserve there own blog post. Later.

IMG_8436some of those 5x7’s drying on the counter.

Right now, I’M TIRED.  And I still have to go out and draw naked people tonight. Hope I don’t yawn too much. 


Michelle Basic Hendry said...

Make sure you seal them with something like GAC 100 before priming. That will make sure the don't discolour over time.

I'm the same way with sketch books. Lots of unfinished ones. I like your idea of a scrapbook of keepers!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i love sketchbook lol, have about 6 or 7 going at the moment, not including the 6 for college, big pile in the middle of the room :p

love the kitty sketch :D

kaslkaos said...

Thanks for the tip, Michelle!
Wonderful to have so many sketchbooks, Jennifer, and I think you don't have my hang-ups, a very good thing. :-)


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