Friday, March 28, 2014

Morning Sketchbook—It’s an abstract, again…

Haven’t given up on the A4/4 sketchbook idea. Here’s what happens when I indulge myself. Abstract art, or, well, that’s the dilemma, how to judge abstract art, when is it art, vs a mess, a scribble, a doodle. If I sketch a cat, and it looks like a cat, that’s easy, the more it looks like a cat, the more of artist you are right? With realism, there’s a clear benchmark.  Go the other way, and you’re floating free, or adrift. Sometimes, oftentimes, I feel adrift.  But this is the sort of thing I gravitate too when I let my hands and pens and mind just do their thing. Glad I keep them nice and small and easy to stash, or else I’d be drowning in paper.
Speaking of drowning in paper, here are some of those masonite boards, now wrapped in abstract gelatin prints. I need to get these down for the 8x8 show in Hamilton.  The theme is Year of the Horse, but I don’t see any horses on the horizon.  I guess if they are completely abstract, I can cryptically name them Equus I, Equus II, and Equus III, whatever.
The paper curls are from a gelatin mono-print that turned into a first attempt at collage. I pasted the print onto mat-board, and it promptly curled in a permanent way. No matter, after peeling and sanding, I think I have something to work with.
Again, I can’t see any horses in here, but one of the years goals is to explore art freely, really explore, really follow the muse where it goes, and it’s pulling me in abstract directions, so here goes….


Michelle Basic Hendry said...

i love the abstract... I see trees and undulating branches that make me think art nouveau. I wish I could do this with such elegance!

kaslkaos said...

Thanks, comments like that perk me up.


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