Wednesday, March 12, 2014

That Other Place That I Work, Part II, Photo Essay, Journalling

I forgot the tree. The Tree (actually two).  Sometimes I eat my apple under the tree. Sometimes the squirrel eats my apple under the tree.  I'd rather not imagine this landscape without the tree.  This pair of trees makes all the difference. They may look abandoned, but they are not. Last year, the tree pruners came, and snipped and sawed. There were so many open spaces amongst the limbs, I was sad. Why did they do that? I wondered, why butcher the tree. Tree's can take care of themselves, can they not?
But after the ice storm, the reasons were clear. These well-pruned trees sustained no damage, when metres away other trees went down like match sticks.
These trees are the highlight of my 'garbage run'.
Spring is coming. They will turn green.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

yeah if they hadn't of trimmed the tree, you might not have had any trees left to eat an apple under

Michelle Basic Hendry said...

I always get nervous until I know the trimmers know what they are doing!


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