Tuesday, March 11, 2014

That Other Place That I Work--Photo Essay, Journalling

So here's 'that other place that I work'.  One of my duties is taking out the garbage. I'm actually happy to do so. It gets me outdoors and under the big blue sky.  It gives me an excuse to go walk-about, if only for a few minutes. Sometimes, it's just another chore in the day, but other times, I look up and outwards, and see all the shapes and textures in the landscape, see the quality of the light, breath in the atmosphere. Spring is coming, it's relatively warm and damp. Mountains of salted snow dominate the skyline, melt-water patterns the pavement. I am fascinated by it all.

I like days like this, when I'm simply fascinated by it all, life, the universe and everything.  Composition, line, texture, shapes are everywhere I look.
And colour! And glow, and transparency.  Art is everywhere.
And oh, I was so over the moon happy the day they brought in a 2nd dumpster for the sole purpose of collecting recyclables. Before that day, all of this would have gone straight to the dump.


Michelle Basic Hendry said...

That one bit of snow looks like Newfoundland! LOL!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

*shakes head* that is a lot of snow o.0

kaslkaos said...

Michelle: Yes, it does doesn't. 1st cows, then provinces, what next???
Jennifer: We just got more, LOTS MORE. I skied down my street yesterday, and right back up to my front porch!!! Tomorrow, rain is on the menu.


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