Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Letter to a Friend

I have friends who don't read blogs, so I write them letters. Sometimes I get to busy, and last week I was too busy to blog, but today, on a lovely Sunday afternoon, I thought it would be fun to sit outdoors and type a letter, and now share that letter with all of you, in lieu of a blog post.
For those of you who want more art, I've signed up to instagram and am particularly noisy there, showing off works in progress, sketches and random photos whenever I'm feeling lonely but too busy for actual writing. As everywhere else, I am kaslkaos.

Here's the letter to a friend:
I know, after your last email I promised you "more later" and more has finally come. Sometimes the news from this overly populated lake is just not so interesting to tell, so I wait until until something more word-worthy has happened. Worthy, of course, is purely subjective, but yesterday, on my walk around the lake, I saw a silent loon cruising by. This was my reminder that, even on the grey drizzly days, one should never leave home without a pair of binoculars. At least the loon was easilly recognized without visual aide. I believe, but cannot confirm, that I also saw a pair of bufflehead ducks on an artificial estate lot. Spring migration is upon us, finally.
Today, I rode my bicycle into town. I've been doing a lot of that, thanks to the fair sunny weather we've been having. The forest trails, while finally mostly clear of ice and muck do not yet have much appeal. The trees are still as bare as winter, and the only green growth in the understory are perrenial leaves and grasses that went into the winter green, and thanks to the vast amounts of snow, are revealed just as green now in spring. A few days more should show us a changed landscape.
I am trying to make the most of the outdoors. It seems a shame to be indoors on a sunny sunday, but it is cool! Randy gave up napping on the deck and has gone below to darkness and central heating and upholstered couch to continue what he started. I am outdoors wrapped in several layers of protection, including hand-warmers and a sun hat. Dynamo, old dog that she is, has been given a bed of cushions to lie on. I have had my finger mutilated by my lawn-chair. As I was opening it, my ring finger got pinched in the mechanism. I've already poked, pressed, disinfected and bandaged the huge blood-blister that popped up upon impact and hope with all that doctoring that it will remain a minor event. The neighbours ashes are raining down on me. While I love the scent of clean wood burning in a fireplace, I am less than fond of the yard waste fires people in this neighbourhood have. They produce smoke that is both thick and foul.
But I digress. There is the business of bicycles, and my trip into town via my own strength and two wheels. I browsed Walmart, bought black yarn and green onions, moved on to Staples to buy a Staedler 0.1 fine liner pen, and then made my way home. While passing by an open water-filled pit dug for some future industrial complex I was stopped in my tracks by two white birds. My vision is no longer twenty twenty, so things at a great distance can be a bit of blur, but I was already thinking of wandering birds, so I thought these 'seagulls' just might be worthy of a second look--and, thanks that lone loon, I had brought binoculars. And oh, they were worth a second look, as they turned out to be two squat and elegantly attired black and white caspian terns on their way, I suppose, to more fertile waters.
Spring is here, the birds are on the move, and singing, and tapping, and being coy with one another, and I am enjoying another Sunday, however chilly, in the garden.
Is there more news, yes probably, but letters where never meant to be itemized lists, and this one leaves plenty of room for future conversations.

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laurelei said...

This felt like getting a letter from a friend. :) 1. Always bring your binoculars. 2. You can learn a lot from a loon.

I've wandered into your blog twice now from different meandering paths, and both times I've been glad I did. I love your Life Drawing Tuesday posts, and hope you (will get to or have done already) resume them soon.

kaslkaos said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to comment, and read my long winded post.
Life drawing resumes in September, but I think I will try sitting in the woods with the same toolkit sans naked people (although that would make an awesome set-up come to think of it).
Ps. Feel free to ping me next time you post on your blog, you are readworthy, thanks.


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