Thursday, April 17, 2014

Two More Horses, 8x8 Show Acrylic Paintings

140409Snakehead-and-Lightning-Horse1b Snakehead & Lightning, 8x8 inch acrylic on hardboard
My very first ever all acrylic painting. I was on a deadline to get my work ready to pack and ship to the 8x8 show and running out of time. So a slow build collage was not in the cards.  Acrylic is FAST. I couldn’t believe how FAST this was. If I did the same thing in coloured pencil, it would take me a week at least, or more, of slowly picking my way through the art, one stroke at a time, because with coloured pencil, every mark is FOREVER. 
140409Snakehead-and-Lightning-Horse1a I love crops and close-ups
Here with acrylics, I could build up an abstract background of multiple successive layers in an hour or so as the paint dries that fast. And it’s as opaque as you want it to be so that eliminates the fear factor (at least for the beginning stages); I just have never worked in a medium where mistakes could be obliterated. It’s rather exciting.  The horses went in after I had a multihued abstract in place.  After that, I slowed down a tad, to think and ‘see’ my way through the further stages, but it was still a great luxury to put in a test line drawing with a sable brush and, after a quick reconsideration, swipe it off clean with a wet rag, and do it all over again.  So this one was pure fun.
Even more fun, but now obliterated, was finding this:
The snail was a complete surprise.  Backing up a bit, I have some fine sand/silt on hand to add for texture (also makes a lovely preparation for pencils). I collected it myself, so it’s got all sorts of ‘imperfection’, organic bits.  Usually, a shake will settle these out, but I thought it would be interesting to add the chunky bits to the base layers. It was only after I started adding coloured washes that I found the snail. This is an extreme close up, it’s about a millimetre wide, and I don’t thing it’s visible in the final painting. But it does make me think of making further deliberate diminutive additions in the future.


Michelle Basic Hendry said...

It seems you have found another medium. It is so versatile and for the way you work, you could explore the mediums. Your knack for whimsy and texture suits it.

Another beautiful piece - and I love the discovery.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

full of energy and movement :)

i hate acrylics because they dry too fast :p

love the little hidden snail, adds to the piece. little hidden treasure :)

laurelei said...

Love finding hidden whimsy.


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