Friday, May 30, 2014

Burnt Toast

Ugh, just finished blasting four hours of work. At this point, I want to tear my hair out and give up. Instead, maybe it's a good time to write a blog post and whine in your ear about it.
For those of you who follow on instagram, you've already seen what I believe to be a promising start. Well, it is toast now. I don't know what I was thinking, but I started to burnish far to early, and now, well, there is just nothing whatsoever that I can do to fix and move on, or start over; and starting over is way to frustrating at this point in time.
And here's the thing, I've been working on my sketchbook, and it is becoming deliciously fat. Better yet, I am seriously liking some of the compositions therein. They are, to me, lovely as they are, but I think I should take some of them further. Linocuts are an obvious choice, but not much of a stretch artistically. I was thinking more in terms of paintings, pastels and coloured pencil.
Which I thought would be easy. It is not. I'll the save the more successful "transfers" for another post, but here's the coloured pencil. I think I was in a hurry. After trying out acrylics, I just couldn't believe it took me four hours to get to this stage,

So I had the brilliant idea (not) to use white and colourless blender pastel on top to, heck, I don't know, well, there it is, here's the burnt toast.

Here's the original pen drawing from my sketchbook:

And for those of you who want an overview of what I've been up to of late,

PS.  It doesn't look half as awful in the photograph, but trust me, it's wrecked, flat muddy texture and colour in one too many areas. Oh well.
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Michelle Basic Hendry said...

Pull out the acrylics!
And yes - I'd love to see you take some of the ideas you've had further. You've done pretty amazing stuff. A dud has to happen and when the expectations hit zero, there is room for miracles!

kaslkaos said...

Thanks! Makes me think I should phone up Shell Lumber and get them to cut me some 9x12's, still a manageable size that may be able to handle some of those lines...will see. Consoling myself with crochet today though

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i really like this scene, please try again with it when you feel like it :)

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Jennifer, me too...I think that's why I got so frustrated about it.


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