Saturday, May 31, 2014

Painted Pony, Adventures in Acrylic Paint

Painted Pony, 8x10inch acrylic painting on hardboard.
As I haven't worked out things like hangers and shipping, this one is not available at etsy.

And this is the original ink drawing from my sketchbook.

I enjoyed working this one up from my sketchbook, although I found using acrylic paints for line-work frustrating. I'm used to pens, pencils and pastel, which are a direct transfer of pigment onto page. Acrylic just seems to have so many steps that get in the way in comparison; as in, squeeze out the paint, dip the brush, clean the brush, dip the brush, and for the linework, even worse, as in squeeze out the paint, dip the brush in water, dip the wet brush in the paint, add more water until it's thinned enough for a fine line, and then...well, see, I'm boring myself to death just writing about it. It doesn't help that for the fine lines I'm using a sixty dollar water colour brush so I'm terrified of wrecking it. So maybe acrylic isn't the best medium for this drawing at this size, but I like the results, so I'm happy with it. If I ever had a good reason to work something up to a larger format (as in 18x24 and up), I would definitely reach for the paints, but not sure about how much I want to use it for miniatures. At least it beats burnt toast.
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Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

ack! that poor brush ;)

love the colours in the painting :)


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