Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Spring--Life Drawing Tuesday, well sort of

From my sketchbook, 1/4 sheet of a4 paper, figure drawing without a reference.

It's a long way to September when I (probably) will rejoin my artsy comrads for Life Drawing. So I thought, why not some spontaneous nudes. I was lounging in the garden in a small patch of shade (hard to come by when there are only buds on trees) and trying to get something creative done, but I really just wanted to sleep. Because the first foray into gardening exhausts me. It's not the work, but the anticipation of mountains of work that sets my brain spinning. So I did manage first to get some aggressive vines pulled, clematis trimmed, a bag of yard-waste filled, and my hands dirtied...a good start, I suppose...
And then to bed, or, um...lawn chair. Which I fell out of (it collapsed under me) and it took me several minutes to right myself because crawling off and resetting the chair would really spoil the mood. I hope none of this was witnessed by neighbours, but I was behind no walls so it's possible I provided some comic relief to someone.
So I drew in the lazy haze of the first warm day of spring, soaking up sun and life, and I think my drawing did same. I even got some writing done if you can read my squiggles.
From my sketchbook, which is coming along just fine.

Here's the hand-writing, which is probably impossible to read online:
I am sitting in my garden; it is warm it is sunny there is a cool breeze, scent of hyacinth in the air. I smell flowers mmmm nice, I hear leaves rustle and automobiles zip by and burbling water sounds from the fountain, and the sun angles in from the south and the west stealing my shade. Lazy flies amble by, birds forage in the bushes, silent in the afternoon, blue sky laughter marbled by thin white clouds and the neighbour plays with her dog, laughter.  Flowers, hyacinth, narcissus, daffodil, tulip, scilla, Russian squill, something pink and blue whose name I forgot. The crocus are done, lilacs are still to come, there is still so much to do. Time rushes by in spring, followed by summer followed by fall slumbering into winter.
erm... well, it was written off the top of my head, but I didn't want you to strain your eyes. I like the last two sentences...

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Michelle Basic Hendry said...

I can't garden. Brown thumbs! And I have suffered chair collapse... LOL!

kaslkaos said...

You know, I'm thinking videos of ladies falling out of and onto collapsing lawnchairs should be at least as much fun as cute cats. Did you have witnesses?


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