Thursday, June 5, 2014

Brushes--Acrylic Painting

So here's another, actually one of my first attempts of transferring my sketchbook linedrawings into the medium of acrylic paint. This time, I found it a bit frustrating, even though I like the results (mostly). Frustrating, as I really wanted all those crispy pen-lines as is, but my tools and materials had much to say about the results.

In this case, small board (8x10inch), thick brushes, abstract landscape, well, there you go. It's not that I'm not happy with the results, it's just that I prefer not to be limited in scope by the medium.  So I've been on the hunt.

First, I'm trying sizing up a notch, so I did buy myself some 9x12inch boards (what a leap in size!!!), once again from the wonderful folks at Schell Lumber, in Stouffville. $5.00 for 10 boards. I believe this is their "scraps" fee. If they find a shop scrap that will fit your request, they will give it to you for five bucks. Art supplies can't get better than that. I still have to sand and seal them though.

And above is a pic of my original collection of brushes. The thinnest (those acceptable for linework are either too short (won't hold much paint), to dog-eared (not enough bristles left to hold paint), or WAY to expensive to risk having acrylic paint gum them up (a lovely $65 long-sable).
So I asked around, and Michelle shared her expertise with me, even sending me pics. Below, in beautiful sparkly turquoise lie my two new acquisitions purchased yesterday. I can't wait to try them out, and the two together cost me MUCH less than $65.  Thanks for your input Michelle.
Here's a link to her blog Artscapes, if you check it out, you'll see I was given some truly expert advice!

And by the way, one of my all time favourite brushes is the second one from the lower right. You just can't buy a brush like that, you need to work it, and work it, and wear it out to perfection. Hoping to have it a long time. It was a cheapo at the time, but is one of the very few things that get better with age.

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Michelle Basic Hendry said...

Thanks for the plug, Ingrid! I'm always glad to help. I hope you have some fun with those new brushes. I know I have become picky about mine!

Another thought, if you are looking for black lines... There are these brush pens you can get. They'd need to be permanent, but some will go over acrylic and in rare cases acrylic will go over them.

I'm not good for budget art supply. Get me to a good art store or website and it takes me hours of suffering and gnashing of teeth to resist overspending! Lol!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

i'm very protective of my brushes lol at college I would let people use them, but heavens help the person if they left the brush in a water jar :p

maybe try to get some pinstriping brushes to get the lines you want??


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