Monday, June 16, 2014

In My Garden, Journalling

Rose Medallion, digital art using Android App Picasso Kaleidoscop
June 6th, 2014
It's been a while since I've journalled, but only if I don't include letters and blogging, or drawing for that matter, all means of expression, although drawing is different.
It's June now, and the warm weather has begun. The leaves on trees are lush and full, I see them, walking under the canopy of the forest, and see winter side by side as if it was yesterday, as if winter would never end, it was a long winter and the bare trees went on longer and now everything is jungle green and rich, as if spring and it's pastel colours never happened.
The husband now has all the fence posts down, except for the one that is buried inches away from my favourite clematis. That one will wait till the fall, when the clematis has settled in for the winter. He rented a jackhammer from Schell Lumber in Stouffville, and from Saturday through Sunday, and most of Monday (today) has pulverized a quarter of what needs to be done, or one hundred percent if we only want enough ground to have an apple tree planted. The russian olive looks like a haunted thing, crooked, hacked and sparse. There is no escape from the sun in the afternoons. I hope this fictional apple becomes fact soon, maybe by September. I hope it spreads a dark and leafy canopy, tall enough to block the late afternoon sun.

I've managed to get some weeding done in the garden, so that now when the lemon daylilies bloom they won't be dwarfed by a tall fringe of hardy grass. I'm trying not to count the fat white strawberries mixed in with the perennials as most will be eaten by snails and birds long before they are ripe enough to be tasty. But I do hope that they will leave me some.

I made a tiny garden spot at the back of our house. We only have a few feet of property there, but it has the only shade from 2pm to 6pm, and we've always used it for storage, which is a nice way of saying we stack things that ought to be thrown out there. Well, some decluttering happened, and now, between the shed, the rain barrel and a seldom used compost bin, I have two lime green plastic Muskoka chairs, a kelly green over-turned milk-crate for a foot rest, and large wood bin for a table. This is now my Hillbilly Garden; I also have potted up some impatients, coleus, and begonias that hopefully will enjoy this shady nook and lend some colour. The mosquitoes like it too. But this year, they seem to be happy everywhere. They are very fast.

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Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

that app is evil lol so much time spent on t ;)

we are trying to get rid of all the grass on the lawn we have since i can't mow it, and john is horribly allergic to it, but its been way too hot to finish putting gravel down here :/ we dont get a lot of shade with the direction the house sits and being on a hill. but the lilies are loving that :p so are johns potato plants. they are as tall as me :p

kaslkaos said...

Ha, ha! But fun! And, seriously, a great way to work with colour combinations, and the barebones of composition (varied line thickness and forms).
You can have our 'gravel' (the broken concrete) and we'll be happy to take your grass.

Michelle Basic Hendry said...

Gorgeous garden! I am hopeless with gardens...
Staying away from that app.

kaslkaos said...

Oh, you MUST try that app. Unlike games, not a time-waster at all, great for exploring colour combinations, (and the results could make some nice christmas cards)


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