Saturday, June 28, 2014

Killarney Provincial Park with a Dog-photo journal

Here's Dynamo, she's twelve years old and I must admit I'm getting maudlin about her. Like cars, and people, elderly dogs "just don't go" like they used to. She spent most of the days sleeping on chairs and cushions in the van, except when we took her on walks, which she only kinda sorta enjoyed. She did like getting to look around and smell the sights (especial the scatter of unidentifiable fur found on one trail) but she looked like she sure wished we were not quite so ambitious about height and distance.
We put a harness on her, so that we could hoist her (and I do mean that literally) up some difficult stretches, and we broke the rules and let her drag her leash through the rough stretches, because it is much more strenuous for a dog to haul themselves up a rock on step at a time versus leaps and bounds.

The bent pine at the top of The Crack
One of the most scenic dayhikes is called "the Crack", an unfortunate name if ever there was one (or I'm just juvenile, the planetary Uranus still makes me laugh). It starts out easy and flat, and then climbs relentlessy upwards, but the vistas are spectacular and not to be missed. I didn't do much photography, as I have so many pictures already (they do seem to repeat themselves), but Dynamo devoured lunch at the top, and peanuts in there shells, and didn't do to badly getting down again on her own. After that, she just wanted to sleep.

car camp site, and our Eureka A-frame tent

Acid Lake, a good hike through the woods, and a nice place for a lunch break. 2 1/2 hours return. Acid Lake is pretty, in spite of it's noxious name. The terrain is mostly easy, but the mosquitoes where murderous until the sun came out.
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Michelle Basic Hendry said...

Great sketches... And a lucky dog!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

she looks good for 12 :D dreading when sky is older :/ wish they could be around forever

really nice sketches :)wish I could still climb/hike but I can still enjoy it when you post about it with your sketches :)

kaslkaos said...

Michelle, thanks!
Jennifer, yep, aging is the downside of owning a dog, enjoy them all the more for the years you have them,
and thanks! btw you post some nice scenic pics without hiking

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thankfully a lot of the scenic places around here you can get to by car :)


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