Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Crack-Pictures from Killarney Provincial Park

The pen and ink is one I did in-studio from memory. It is a scene that I have tried very hard to photograph, and never been satisfied, which made it perfect for a drawing.  It is from The Crack Hiking Trail, and it is the place that gives the hike it’s name.  You enter The Crack, and it is like a dark grotto between huge pale slabs of white rock (shaded in pastel pinks and purples when wet), and then you get to scabble and haul your way up and through The Crack.
So I didn’t want to stuff every photo into one blog post, so here are more.
IMG_8578 The Crack, as seen from the top
IMG_8580Dynamo at the top of The Crack (yay, let’s celebrate, I don’t think we’ll make her do this one again, though)
IMG_8595 Yes, that’s me! , me and Dynamo resting at Wagon Road Lake, La Cloche Silhouette Trail
IMG_8593 Wagon Road Lake, very scenic, but I wouldn’t want to swim there (unless you like leeches and weeds)
IMG_8591That’s my man. (thanks for being brave enough to hold the camera and press that button)


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

great photos :D

Michelle Basic Hendry said...

I love these drawings. What a beautiful place too! Nice to see you.... Lol!


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