Monday, August 18, 2014

Artflow for Android review: from drawing to digital art

I've been doing a large number of black and white drawings on 1/4 sheets of A4 paper. When they are done, some feel very much like finished miniature works of art, at least to me, but I still wonder what else they could be... should I be taking them further? So I thought I would use my 8" tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab) and my favourite sketchbook app to experiment and play with colour. Here is exploration 1.
The drawing was first scanned (using a scanner and laptop computer) at 600 dpi (remember, the original is tiny) in black and white, then saved on my external sd card which resides in my Android tablet.
Then I open up a blank canvas in Artflow, and add my black and white drawing as a 2nd layer. The left hand menu gives an option called "subtract" and while I have no idea what it really means, the effect is that I can "paint in colours" underneath my black pen drawings.
Now I can have some digital fun anywhere, anytime, even after dark (almost sounds naughty when I put it that way).
The images are screenshots.
The second image shows off the lovely tools I get to work with, which ultimately is high tech fingerpainting fun. Artflow is my sketch app of choice, as I tried out a number of them when I first got my tablet, and find that Artflow (even the free version) is the best emulator for traditional art, and has the most user friendly interface. I purchased the Pro version to support the development of a useful app that I love. The pro version gives me more 'brushes' and 'layers' but I was initially impressed by how complete the 'free' version was, which is entirely useable.

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Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

very nice :D

I reawlly need to use this app more, bought it and hardly use it lol

kaslkaos said...

That's ok, I don't use it much easier, so I had some great surprises when I finally started exploring.


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