Friday, August 22, 2014

Down the Rabbit Hole

phoenix-on-fire Phoenix On Fire, Digital Origami Paper
Down the rabbit hole is how I feel exploring digital art. I ‘think’ I’m getting the hang of it. Instead of head-aches, time is starting to fly as I explore options, and layers, and just like taking a new path, I want to keep going to see what is around this corner, and that corner and on to the next. 
Buddah’s Star Chart (Red Phase)
Above, is how I spent my morning, taking a small kaleidoscope image made on my android tablet, ramping up the scale in resolution in many small baby steps finessing it up to 3300 pixels at 300dpi, and then, well, that’s where I fell down the rabbit hole as there are soooo many options and iterations. I decided to stop at this deep purple and hot red psychedelic mess (sorry about the watermarks, but necessary if I actually want to sell the resultant hi res file).  I could (and may do many more iterations) but I wanted to print, fold, and photograph the resulting origami crane so that I could post it on Etsy. 
Sadly, it seems that attempting to sell things takes more time than the actual creation. This is always the dilemma. This photo, for instance, does not satisfy, so I will likely have to redo, re-edit, re-upload, sigh…
but there are SO MANY Possibilties!!!
Byzantium’s Brilliant Summer Day, digital art mandala, can you tell I’m having fun just NAMING these things??? Words are wonderful things to.
This one too is the result of happy accident, multiple layers and manipulations that I have no clue how to recreate, but just writing about it, makes me want to do more like this one;
Roses are Neon, digital mandala art
But I haven’t finished prepping and posting images I created last week, so maybe I should resist the urge, and get back to more practical matters, or scrub the toilet, or draw, or… and now my thoughts are multiple baby rabbits. It’s Friday, thank goodness, because my concentration is getting canyon sized cracks.
Really really time to go, so many iterations, so little time.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

love love love those cranes :D they look so cool using paper with your patterns on them :D

Michelle Basic Hendry said...

That is seriously cool!!!


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