Monday, August 11, 2014

Help! There's a Bobcat in our Driveway

Yep, literally. Well, it has moved on, but there's still more to do. Home has been a little less than a sanctuary this summer. Strangers at the door, dollars flying out of the bank account, godawful earth-shaking (literally) noises all day long, but it's almost over (I hope). Mostly, necessary construction of long post-poned tasks, but the bobcat is part of our wish-list, as we are turning half of an 8 car mega-driveway of poured concrete (not our choice, it was like that when we bought the home) into green space.
I haven't taken well to the invasion, and it's been hard to concentrate. My studio is my front living room window, so the noise and the comings and goings and people I'm not totally familiar with have all been overwhelming. The upside, is that I've needed to hide out in the woods on some days just to get some art done, and more on that later. In the meantime, I leave you with the mess in full colour.

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Quiltbug said...

I did have a bit of a start at the title of the blog. I have a friend in the US who spots a live bobcat once in a long while and writes me to tell of it.


kaslkaos said...

Ha ha! Quiltbug, but I can never resist word-play and bad puns.
Saw the 4-legged kind at a campsite once, it was eyeballing my german shepherd and looking mighty confident and poor Dynamo very nervous.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thought you meant an actual bobcat :p could have been bad, a wild bob cat on the roof of the mechanical one :p

kaslkaos said...

Yow! I'll keep my bobcats separate.


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