Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sketching Plein Air, escape from the raging bobcat

All the disruptions of our major landscaping had me making a desparate escape into the woods. And just getting to the woods was not good enough, I found myself bushwacking through the swamps off trail, because I wanted not only to get away, but to be so hidden that I would not have to deal with even seeing people.

And it was good, and it was quiet, or somewhat quiet, because take away the nearby noise, and you find yourself hearing the far away noise, cars, trucks, ems, prop plane engines, jet liners, but filtered by wind in trees, trickling water, chickadees and nuthatches, it's not so bad.

So I share with you my sketching apparatus. Believe it or not, all this gear fits into my bicycle basket (a back-mounted milk-crate), although it makes for sluggish ride and top-heavy enough to make balance precarious, but there is a freedom in getting around on your own power, so that is part of the fun.

The top image is my drawing held right up against the scene I was sketching. While my previous forays into plein air sketching seemed a disjointed mess, I'm doing better now that I'm indulging in the parts of the scene that interests me, rather than trying to 'copy' what I'm looking at. Camera's do that very well, but there is a synergy between the physical eye and brain that sees things in a completely different way. So I will let my camera do what camera's are good at, and see if I can make the most of the mind/eye collaboration in the form of a more interpretive style.

The camera's eye views.

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