Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Need to Decorate

Today's pics are things I did (or purchased) just for me. They make me think of the need to decorate. From the dawn of mankind, perhaps long before, there is a need to transform our surroundings and belongings to suit more than our basic needs.

I've been keeping some shawl pins in my purse as I crochet a lot of shawls, so much so that it's starting to feel a lot like clutter, but I do love wearing it, and you just never know when you might need a shawl pin to fix things in place, or to get a better drape. I've come to realize that I love clothing when I make it myself; crocheting has become a means of public expression.

The lavender heart and matching pin are made by me using my own linocuts for texture, chalk pastel for colour, and polymer clay. It is an exact match for a shawl I made. The copper pin is a purchase I made from a seller on Etsy, Bonzer Beads; it was a real treat.
The cardboard pouch is something I made to protect the innards of my purse from peircing by pins. I couldn't resist colouring it up with sharpie markers before stapling and taping it up into something functional.
I just can't help myself, why put up with having one of millions, when you can have one in a million.
And is that one of the basic drives of the artist?

And here is a jacket I just started working on.

And this is a glassine envelope I "found" in my purse, a little dog-eared but begging for re-use and colour. Sharpies provided the latter, and a little clear packing tape turned it into a functional business card holder. It's now back in my purse.
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Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

ooh pretty blues for the jacket :)

kaslkaos said...

Oooh yes, the variegated is my favourite, but I needed the plain show it off. I have a vest now, sleeves still need to be made. If you are ever interested in a pattern I can send you links, or get thee an account on Ravelry if not already.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

I think I would just end up with a huge mess that would need to be frogged if I tried anything more complicated then a blanket lol

i do have a ravelry account but hardly use it

kaslkaos said...

Then make a 'blanket' that stretches from fingertip to fingertip, add six inches to either end, it's a stole/wrap. Make two alike, stitch them longwise together halfway and you have a ruana/open poncho.
Can you tell I LOVE to crochet clothing?

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

thats a good idea :D

i dont see a lot of crochet clothing other than lots of hats around here


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