Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Life Drawing Tuesday

Life Drawing, Male Nude, ink sketch with coloured pencils
Male Nude, 20 minute sketch on A4 paper, using pen and coloured pencil.
The nude at the bottom of the page is full frontal (but not particularly detailed) so don’t scroll down if that sort of thing bugs you.
It’s that time of year again.  September is ‘back to school’ season, and it sure feels that way to me, going to the first Life Drawing session of the season.  Will I be on time, will I know which door to open, who will I sit beside, will I talk to anybody, will my drawings suck, will I forget my pencils, did I remember my paper, not to mention that I just plain hate being out late at night.
Somehow, that first session always feels that way. We got a new venue, right in the Latcham Gallery building, which is awesome! The room is just the right size, big enough for in the round life drawing, but not so big that it feels cold and sterile. It’s a friendly amount of space.  I was just too gosh darned shy to talk to anybody, as usual. I will try harder next time.
This was a 1/2 hour pose, coloured pencil on 9x12 pastel paper.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

always great to see life drawings from you :)which door to open? the one that isnt locked? ;)

we had 2 class days with models and will not have any more :/ Uni no longer has a course for first years to do life drawing in, stupid, really stupid

kaslkaos said...

Ha! Yes, one door, if opened during the session would give a full view of the model to an exercise class...(yes, it's locked)
No life drawing in Uni??? Do you know why? Budget?

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

I asked, but either they don't want to get in trouble or people really don't know since they said they had no idea


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