Friday, September 26, 2014

Wishes Granted Very Large and Very Small

It doesn’t happen everyday, or does it happen ever?  I got exactly what I wanted, in a very big colossal way; we are talking about literal acres of wish fulfillment.
What on earth could it be that makes me so feel so happy? Well, earth is part of the equation today. What I got is a big fat parcel of landscape, that, in a tax-payer way, is Mine, Mine, Mine, and yours too if you live in my neighbourhood.
Wild Apple  Tree, Musselman's Lake
And it’s not just that.  It was hot and I was thirsty, and there, dangling before me were juicy red apples.  They were crunchy, tart, and sweet and tasted not like Macintosh, and not like Delicious, and not like Granny Smith or any of the other ubiquitous grocery store types.  Because I’m suburban raised, I did bite in with some hesitation (ewwww, black spots!), and peeked at the results (worms? wrigglers?) before the swallow, but these were good, great, fabulous. And it was a weird experience to be wandering about, really really badly wanting something, and just have it dangled in front of you, free for the taking.
Yes, this one was small, yummy and delicious
So I have lands to explore just around the corner (literally) from where I live, and a reasonable expectation that it won’t be converted into more suburban sprawl in future.  So I have a place to sit and contemplate, to sit and draw, to take photographs, walk my dog, or just me, or cross-country ski, and I don’t have to drive to get there. 
So yes, wishes large and small have been granted.
Here’s the details if you are local and want to go.  The new park (I’m guessing it will be in the conventional sense) is  5 acres.  A remaining 132 acres will be conservation lands (I’m guessing this is the part I was wandering through and am so thrilled with) will be transferred to Lake Simcoe Conservation Authority (and it can’t get better than that!)

And, wow.  The family are some special kind of heroes for donating this land.   An act of exceeding generosity and forward thinking.
1st ink drawing, Coultice Park.
Here’s the very first sketch ever in the new place, using a black technical pen on 1/4 paper. So many textures and shapes, but what a beautiful day.


Michelle Basic Hendry said...

How wonderful and generous. Not a gift we hear about often enough. Love the tribute piece....

kaslkaos said...

Yes, hard to get my head around that much land, very generous. There have been a few other parcels given over to conservation. I think it's the only way to keep it out of the hands of developers. I am soooo grateful.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

That is wonderful of the family to do :D Such a big chunk of land to donate that will benefit many people and a lot of wildlife
and meh, biting an apple and biting a worm is no big deal, you hardly notice unless its a big one :p


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