Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Autumn Here and Gone

Photo of the future Lake Simcoe Conservation Lands
The peak season of autumn, is always tinged with anxiety. The colours bloom and fade and fall so fast, I am in a perpetual state of hurry. 
This year, I had second reason to hurry. Curtisse Park, discovered, but not yet here.  Everything is still in flux, I still don’t know where and when I’m trespassing, and what the final boundaries will be.  The newest map I could unearth was dated 2012, which showed some clear boundaries between public and private lands, township park land (community park to be) and future conservation land (the part I am excited about and photographing), so it all feels ephemeral and too good to be true. For all I know, those maps were re-written and I never got the memo.
So I walked there often these past days, anxious to make the most of opportunity before all is whisked away, because if it seems to be too good to be true, I get suspicious. 
As for the fall colours, wind and rain has already begun to strip the world of colour.
But hopefully by next autumn, this will all still be here, protected, and walkable by me, and others who care for the living world around them.  Here’s to hoping it what feels like a passing dream will become a fantastic reality.
And an impression of the forest edge from my sketchbook. Fun getting in those autumn colours with black and white only.


Michelle B. Hendry said...

A little Aubrey Beardsley being channeled?? Gorgeous. You need to do a book of these. Or illustrate a story....

Autumn is just hitting here. Temps are in the 60's and 70's (finally!!!) and the leaves are falling as fast as they turn. Next week is supposed to be peak. Still a lot of green yet...

kaslkaos said...

Oh man, I so wish. Aubrey Beardsley was a genius. Thanks!
You are so in the south, wow. We have snow (erm, slush) in the forecast. Get the most of those colours.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

I miss all the bright colours of fall there, the leaves change here but no where near the colours you get there.

i figure if you are walking on parts you are not suppose to, it wouldn't be a big deal, just say what you wrote. its not like you havent tried looking up the boundaries already just cant be 100% sure of them yet

Ingrid Schmelter said...

Fall colours are all gone now. Oh well.


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