Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Bad Wednesday Weather, Lake Superior Journal and Sketchbook

Frozen fingers aside, I did find time to do a sketch or 3 (that’s it, 3) while away. Here’s one of them, and by the way, when you see what looks like black ink calligraphy in the sky, watch out. Nothing good will be coming out of that.
As promised, snippet from my journal while away. Keep in mind, I was trying to type fast and short sentences, to a) not drain my battery, it was cold. b) not expose my fingers too long, it was cold c) I was actually having to far too much fun in the woods to want to be stuck to any electronic device d) rain is very bad for devices
IMG_8804[1]And why, you ask, would I put up with this, year after year. Because this (above) is our front porch and high definition tv and (frigid) private pool 10 days and 10 nights.
Okay, here I go, rummaging through my files for: Bad Wednesday Weather
September 17th, Wednesday.  I only know the date because my calendar app works.
We are having the dreaded all day rain, worse than that, it is 5 degrees.  Cold all day rain.  There is an east wind blowing.  I hate east wind. Nothing good comes out of the sky from the east. When the wind is in the east, it is always an event, and always wet. Wet is the least of your worries when the wind is from the east. Because of course, it always could be worse.  Like having trees falling down around you, oops, checked.  Well, at least we did not get bonked on the head dead.  That was last Wednesday, today is wetter, colder and less homicidal.
Last Wednesday was like a tiger, or lets say, a starving surviving Eastern cougar with endangered cubs to protect and feed.
Last Wednesday began grey, and ramped up from there.  We headed out to Warp Bay, donned raincoats in the drizzle, and carried on. Warp Bay was cold and wet. Walking back was a chore, by then things were thoroughly wet, and the wind was up, and the trees were waving hello with great enthusiasm.  We were in no hurry to return to a wet cold campsite, but return we did, by 2 o'clock, and brought in lunch, had hot chocolate, rye sandwiches with cheese and peanut  butter, nutella and radishes, not in that order.  Lunch was wonderful. Then we crawled into the tent, to read, to sleep, and warm up, hopefully.  By 6:30 we both were awake with an urgent need to pee, but no desire to leave the tent.  The trees were still waving hello, but with much more enthusiasm. I read some more, and held off making the excursion to the treasure box until 7:45, yes, I timed it. Very carefully, because I only wanted to do this once, and I definitely did not want a second occurrence at midnight.  It was going to be  very long dark night. By the time I got  back into the tent, it was beginning to dawn on me that the trees were getting overly friendly,  bowing so widely back and forth, they were   clearly threatening to get down right intimate. And it was at this point in time that I began to entertain fantasies of rousing Randy and running back to the car to make an escape to a warm hotel room.  But that would have meant getting wet, and I was dry and my feet were just beginning to warm for the day, or night, as it was.  So instead, I lay there, wide awake, facing skyward wondering if when I would be kissed by a frantically waving tree, and all my thoughts revolved around please stop raining, and wind, yes, less wind, etc.  because at this point the weather was screamingly furious, with a roar from above that sounded like the thunderous crashing of wave after wave on the beach, but from Superior itself, there was silence, because the wind was pushing the water off, not on, the beach.  And the rain, the rain, in moments would hang suspended in the air, in silence, before lashing down with greater fury.  At one point, there was a sound like a gunshot, and somehow, we both managed a lot of sleeping considering the circumstances.
Morning dawned quiet, grey, no rain. Yay. A walk to the car for food.
Surprise!  Trees, trees, trees, but not were they belonged, nope, they lay horizontal on the trail, from east to west. Lots of trees, to climb over, or under, or weave through a tangle of branches all the way to the car. Big trees, giant trees, mature healthy poplar and spruce trees and anything else that got in their way. Luckilly, we weren't one of those things.
IMG_8755[1]yes, those are the drag marks going right by our van.  The roots of the tree would be beyond the lower left of this pic, and the top of the tree was deposited somewhere beyond the upper left of this pic.  Inexplicable. There were no humans around to do this, just wind.
.  A good assumption as there was evidence of one heavy large spruce having been ripped from it's roots, dragged across the road and deposited in the parking lot. This is hard to believe but the drag marks were a few inches away from the left front wheel of our van, but the van still standing. I have no idea what went on in the parking lot on Wednesday night but it must of been some kind of party between the trees and the storm with dancing.
We were relieved to hear chainsaws that morning. The access road was cleared by 10
IMG_8770[1]Our easy 5 minute walk out to the van turned into this obstacle course. They did not clear the trail for a number of days.


Michelle Basic Hendry said...

Not my idea of fun....

kaslkaos said...

Eh, between the rain, frost, and falling trees, there was plenty to good times to be had.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

makes me miss camping actually. stuff like this happening, is half the fun :)

kaslkaos said...

True. Or more accurately, surviving 'stuff like this happening' unscathed, is fun.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

lol yeah its only fun as long as nothing gets broken


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