Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Life Drawing Tuesday: and beyond

Both of these oil pastels were created ‘in studio’.  We had a one hour pose; I have a ridiculously short attention span and a fear of wrecking expensive paper (should be a named phobia for that), so instead, I did quick sketches of the same pose over and over again. Some of them were atrocious (and funny, but now recycled), and one of them, just when it was time to finish up, worked out. It was all done in blue coloured pencil, but I really liked the line, so I decided to re-do it at home in pastel on some 'good’ paper.  Because I liked the freshness of the line drawing, I decided to do an exact transfer (using tracing paper and stylus), and go from there.  For the one below, the entire sheet of paper is coated in white pastel, with other colours and graphite in the mix. White pastel has some interesting and surprising qualities. One of my favourites is the way it grabs and highlights pigments from coloured pencil and graphite.
8x10 Canson Mi-tientes, Oil Pastel, Coloured Pencil and Graphite, Figure Drawing, Female Nude, Available on Etsy
And to compare, contrast, and experiment, I transferred the same drawing to my brown stonehenge paper, and did this one in oil pastel.
9x12 Stonehenge Paper, Oil Pastel & Coloured Pencil, Figure Drawing, Female Nude, Available on Etsy
Sometimes I think Life Drawing is just a very good excuse to get lost in a world of line and colour.
Some close-ups,
I LOVE close-ups, you can see the grain of the paper:


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

more lovely life drawings :)

phobia of paper: Papyrophobia but just normal paper :p

kaslkaos said...

Ha, there's a name for everything. Papyrophobia would be a great name for an insecure artist's blog, hmmmmmm


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