Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Life Drawing Tuesday

Seated Female Nude, Life Drawing, 20 Minute Pose.
Our model for the evening is a professional dancer, classically trained, as in, Ballet and Modern Dance. Her resume is longer than that, but that’s what I can remember from the conversation floating around.  This one is on plain old A4 90lb paper, and was a 20 minute pose. I never know when I will or will not draw something I like, so sometimes, drawing that work end up on top of plain jane papers, while absolute disasters get smeared all over something really nice, like stonehenge. I get the feeling that most of the time, I am more creative, free and open when there is a three penny paper under my pencil.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

I tend to draw looser on cheap paper, not so freaked out about making mistakes and ruining a £2 sheet of paper :p

kaslkaos said...

Me too, I use alot of computer paper, but curse myself when the good ones end up there.


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