Monday, October 13, 2014

Martin, Mink & Other Wildlife, Lake Superior Provincial Park

Sketchbook, September 2014, technical pen on 1/4 sheet of A4 paper. Martin, Lake Superior Provincial Park
Me, Sunbathing on the Beach, Lake Superior Provincial Park
Okay, so taking holiday’s in September, and heading North to do so, may not be a great recipe if you want a bikini tan, but I’m well beyond bikini age anyway, so I’ll opt for the Up North tan, which is basically a sunburn on the tip of the nose and rosy cheeks.  This is one of the sunnier days, and I’m really enjoying soaking up those rays.  And while I was engaged in such traditional beach behaviours as crocheting, & reading a martin humped his way across the beach. Martin’s, for those of you who don’t already know, are one of the larger members of the weasel family, and this is the first and only time I’ve seen one.  I’m not sure if the martin saw me, and ignored my slumbering form as mostly harmless (okay, so my eyes were fluttering shut at the time), or if it misinterpreted the inert bundle of fabric that was me as being inanimate, but it was running humpety humpety in typical weasel fashion right for me. Until the husband appeared from camp to announce supper (a girl can’t have everything at least not all at the same time).
*Note: so I looked up Martin in Wikipedia to hand you a link, and whoopsie, maybe it was a fisher.  While the sketch is from memory, I had not looked up the species on line, or in a field guide to ‘get things right’ so it the most accurate recording of what I saw, and after looking it, up, it was probably a Fisher (wikipedia link), which is also a really super cool member of the weasel family.
I also got two very good views of ravens on the Pancake Bay Beach, and here. In both instances, I was swimming quietly along shore, so again, I probably looked fairly harmless, and probably non-human.
Not sure who’s paw created this.  Hikers sometimes have dogs, some of them very large dogs, so perhaps it was canis domesticus, but I wonder.
And here is the Pancake Bay Seagull. We camped there on the first and last nights of our holidays. It’s a car camping beach campground. For the evenings, no matter where we are, we humans, migrate to the beach to recline and watch the Big Show, which is whatever passes for sundown, even if it’s a grey haze.  At Pancake Bay, we were joined by this solitary seagull (I’m pretty sure it was the same one both times). It joined us as we arrived, and remained for the duration. It may have been looking for food, but since we weren’t sharing any (I had a pop-tart, my camp desert of practicality) and otherwise were not eating, it seems like an oddly unproductive behaviour for a wild creature.  While we watched the waves, sun, and fish jumping, seagull just stood about, and occasionally caught bugs (yum).  When I walked away, he/she followed me up the path a bit. I’m wondering if was a hand-raised bird missing the company of his youth. A theory that matched the behaviour much better than simple begging—or, this bird really grokked my guitar playing….. (one can dream)
And on the Sand River Trail (Pinguisibe—gosh, I can actually spell that without looking it up) we saw a mink. Sorry, not in the picture…
Beyond that, the usual assortment of wild things, like hungry hordes of black flies and mosquitoes who thought all that cool weather was a second springtime.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

ooh waterfall! :D

the gull probably did want to steal your poptart ;)

kaslkaos said...

That too, but really, he did seem to just want company too.


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