Friday, October 3, 2014

Sketches & Photo’s of the Not Yet Official Park in Musselman’s Lake

Coultice Park, Watercolor Sketch  
So for my second walk in the new parklands (not yet official park, but if there’s a trail, I will walk it), I took along my little sketchbook kit of 1/4 sheets of A4 paper, technical pens, and Inktense watercolour pencil, and a water-brush pen; then I found a spot and sat down.  Having a dog along is not always the best combination. Dogs find sketching boring, very boring, and pointless, and hot. Yes, very hot.  Let’s roll in the grass, lets stand up and pant, lets go over there (my dog is on leash, which probably really sucks too). I think I would have got more done without her, but it’s nice to have company along.
Dynamo says, Let's Go Mum!!!
Obviously, the dog does not want to be sitting around.
Coultice Park, Watercolour Sketch
Trail, Musselman's Lake
Aster and Butterfly


Michelle B. Hendry said...

That looks gorgeous... So nice for a little good news for a change!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

why sit around when you have all of that land to explore and sniff? ;)

kaslkaos said...

Thanks, Michelle, yes. And overwhelmed, a new space to inhabit, my brain is dreaming it to assimilate the fact.
Jennifer, Dynamo very much agrees. Actually, my problem with plein air is that I too feel the same.


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