Thursday, November 6, 2014

First Snow


Here it is. The first snow of the season, and it sure is beautiful.

This was on Saturday morning, and it sure made sitting by the fire a cozy experience. It wasn’t quite enough snow to ski on (close, though) but it looked so beautiful, it inspired a few drawings.


Looking northwards as drove across Bloomington Road, it was like a winter wonderland postcard.


Inside Walker Woods in Uxbridge, the trees were all sparkly, but there were still some gold leaves on the trees, and on the ground. The leaves on the paths melted the snow.

The drawings are technical pens and sharpies. I messed with them a bit in GIMP, more for image protection then enhancements.

1 comment:

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

so pretty :D (but keep it there ;) )


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