Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Life Drawing Tuesday

Life drawing, session with live model, 9x12 sketchbook paper, coloured pencil.
The poses are getting longer, this was a one hour pose, which for me is long, especially when things are not going well. I was, artisticly, a little stiff and cautious, which is not good for my style.  The black and gold (top) drawing, is my favourite of the night. Basically, it was almost time to go, so I had to hurry. The rush to get things in brought in the spark I like to see. Maybe next time all will come together.  But it’s all good practice now matter what ends up on the page.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

is that an actual sketchbook in the top one? ;)

Can you maybe move to a different position to try to get a few quick drawings done from different angles when it is a long pose?

Ingrid Schmelter said...

Ha, yes, caught me. It's a real sketchbook. A dissappointing one, it's 9x12, but actually less then that because the spiral punch holes are counted in the dimensions. Grrrr...
That night, no I couldn't move, but hopefully on other nights, I can. Depends on the turn out. I noticed on the 1 hour poses, people left early, so I probably will get to move.


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