Saturday, November 8, 2014

Meet the Neighbours—Urban Sprawl

Pen and Ink, technical pens, sharpie, miniature art, “Neighbours: Be Kind to Our Four-Legged Friends, Stop Urban Sprawl”
The suburbs are moving in, displacing the residents. Many of those residents have four legs and not all of them cute, but they need space too.
Pen and Ink, technical pens, sharpie, miniature art, “Meet the Neighbours: Eastern Coyote x Wolf, Part of Your Rural Landscape”
I’m sure these coyotes see me far more often than I see them. They are very good at lurking at of sight, keeping themselves safe from harm, but as I am, they are powerless against habitat destruction.
Pen and Ink, technical pens, sharpie, miniature art, “Buck: Eldred King Forest York Region, Meet the Neighbours: White-tailed Deer”
Yes, I did see this deer, drawn from memory. He stood in the forest a good long time, just silently watching, waiting  to move, ready to spring away should our leashed dog catch wind of him. My dog is old, and the deer was upwind, so she remained clueless to the enticement.
I’m glad I live very close to the York Regional Forest Tracts, as they probably won’t be bull-dozed anytime soon.
That’s my rant, in words, but mostly in pictures.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

the coyotes might actually be wolf coyote crosses. becoming a lot more common then pure bred coyotes.

do you pronounce it 'ky-OAT-ee' or a 'KY-oat'?? I saw KY-oat :p

I think they are really interesting animals that get a bad rap, mostly due to humans :/

kaslkaos said...

I use the whole 3 syllables. Which gets a correction in some circles, but is perfectly appropriate pronounciation for us eastern folks. Yes, most a part wolf. Reforestation is allowing wolves to move south, but not in whole body forms, but in genetic parts. Which makes them well adapted to the environmont. The ones I have seen look like skinny german shepherds. Pure coyotes look kind of foxy but stretched.
I guess no one likes wildlife when they snatch fluffy out of the back yard. I keep my cat in, though, and nature is nature. (long winded answer, I have a keyboard at hand, sorry)

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

long winded is good :D

even tho I was born in ontario, I think I spent too much time out west since I say it ky-Oat :p

here it is foxes that snatch little furry pets from yards and no one keeps their cat inside :/(well maybe a few but they are not classed as domestic animals here so have freedom to roam everywhere, so people put them outside :/ )

Michelle B. Hendry said...

I did not know they were part wolf... interesting!
I prefer those kinds of neighbours. It pains me to know the sprawl is spreading so fast still.
Great sketches...


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