Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Grackles are Back, The Squirrels are Always Here

Grackles, a sure sign of spring, Grackles plastering the page, second sign of spring. I think these birds invade my art yearly, just about now. We are still locked in snow and ice. It’s still pretty if you don’t look at all the frozen and thawing mud at the side of the road.
Winter was good. I did a lot of x-country skiing, which is super fun.  I love speeding down hills, and for the last hurrah, we had some fearsomely fast conditions, wind in my hair, no one got injured (excluding a scraped knuckle). Now it’s rubber boot weather.
I have, for some time, been battling with oil pastels, feeling coloured pencils are a little too fiddly, but then the oil pastels are a little too brut, so I have been reluctant to share my life drawing, and onward.  I am starting to mix the oils with the pencils and see what happens, hoping to re-discover my style. I really like the super saturation of colour that one can achieve with heavy burnishing (using a stump).  For this one, I started in pencil, very loose, and then sketched until images formed on the page. Of course the grackle muscled in pretty quick and completely dominated the composition in just the same way they dominate the bird feeder. Squirrel—ditto.  As abstract as it is, I still tell it as I see it.
I love close-ups.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

gorgeous colours!!

the only bird difference around here is I am hearing the barn and tawny owls more but cant see them :p

I like using oil pastels, but generally only with turps to help blend the colours

kaslkaos said...

Turps would be easier on the hands, but tougher on the lungs.
Barn owls would be so cool to see.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

love barn owls :D heavier than they look tho lol when john worked at Borders they had one there for the kids (Harry Potter book was coming out), and I spent most of the day holding it while the falconer talked lol

Michelle B. Hendry said...

Wow... Lots of reds and energy to melt that snow! I saw a few of these on Instagram and they are so vibrant. Almost primal.

I've never taken to coloured pencils or oil pastels. The only drawing mediums I have used consistently are charcoal and pencil. As I am getting looser, I prefer the charcoal.

kaslkaos said...

Yep, the weather (and grackles) made me do it. Today I lost the fight with oil pastel (if you peeked on Instagram), I think I should start a new thing, vs wasting my time procrastinating, which is what I do when I get stuck.
Charcoal's nice with acrylics...


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