Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Apollo’s Solar Flare—Oil Pastel

9x12inch oil pastel with coloured pencil and ink
I’ve been many oil pastels of late. Not all come out to see the light of day.  Since the medium is a bit of a departure for me (although not too much since I’m still using coloured pencil) I’ve been holding off. I have shifted my style as I have been joyfully exposed to so much great art on Etsy. It has pushed me to try new things, loosen up, get rough even. This one is probably one of the least rough, actually, but representative of how I’m using the oil pastels. 
What I do is lay on the pastels in thick layers, then scrape off with an art knife, repeat as much as required or until I make mud and trash it. Why is mud so easy to make? Argh. So it is an intuitive learning process, there are no nuts and bolts step by step instructions.  I just go for it and see what happens. For this one, I started with a sepia ink sketch, deeply inscribed so that the pastels would skip across the top.  I love science, and astronomy but have no formal knowledge but it’s fun to see the influence crop up in my art.
More delicious close-ups on etsy, Apollo’s Solar Flare


Rolina said...

Mmmm, just lush, there is a richness to oil pastels that I love.

Have you tried blending them with a bit of turps?

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

looks like everything is on fire :)

kaslkaos said...

Thanks, Rolina. I haven't tried turps because whenever possible I choose mediums that don't require clean-up with things I can't pour down the sink. I wear my hand out burnishing instead... ;-(
Thanks Jennifer, when I'm not doing black and white, I love hot colours.

Michelle B. Hendry said...

So much energy! Beautiful...

Ingrid Schmelter said...

Thanks so much, Michelle.


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