Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Batman and Simba, an update, for catlovers only

Yep, I still have cats on the mind. These were going to be throwaway bookmarks, but now I’m trying to figure out how to compose them into one, or several linocuts.
I was asked for an update on Batman and Simba (their previous owners do care about their welfare) and I enthusiastically obliged. Why waste words on one person? So I’m sharing the update below.
To Batman and Simba’s previous owners:
Batman is coming around. He
and Simba sleep together all day on the top bunk bed (unfortunately,
too dark for pics) but it is lovely to see they are cuddle buddies,
and knowing that Batman has somebody to get him through the
transition.  I'm pretty sure they've been having a great time without
us overnights, as there is much rearrangement of soft furniture.
Somebody (Simba?) likes to drag blankets and pillows great distances.
On Friday, Batman played with Simba while we watched tv, with our dog
in the room. Dynamo, the dog, is being very good.  On Saturday, I had
both Simba and Batman chasing my Super Toy (a stick, a string, with
cardboard tied to the end; makes me think of all the money I ever
wasted on purchasing cat toys). Simba is NUTS about this, and I guess
Batman couldn't resist forever.  Last night, Randy and I played Cat
Fishing. We each had a super toy, and so had Batman & Simba going
after one, and Riker, our old cat going after the other. That's
progress from all three.  Oh, and Dynamo is in the room the whole
time, and Batman also took the opportunity to check out Dynamo from
All this takes place in the basement where we eat dinners and watch tv
so no pictures (we don't have great lighting).
This morning, I decided to give Simba some one on one time (no Dynamo
or Riker), and he was very enthusiastic in his affections. Batman
watched out in the open, circled me around, checked out my slippers,
checked out my hand, took lots of good long stares and walked about
doing normal cat things. So I think he's doing great, everyday getting
braver. He is such a gorgeous exotic looking cat.  I am very glad you
re-homed them together.
I think everything is progressing well. Introducing cats to multi-pet
households always takes longer. So many new things to negotiate.  New
environment, new people, big dog, big cat.  Taking it slowly is well
worth the wait.


Quiltbug said...

I'm loving the cat tales. I absolutely love cats but they are not welcome here. I read cat stories and pretend I am living in that house for a while each day. LOL

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

that is great news, glad they seem to be feeling a bit braver and more at home :)

Rolina said...

You and the cats are making great progress - thanks so much for the update, I was wondering how you were doing!

kaslkaos said...

Quiltbug, thanks for comments, I love your lurking, my silent reader. Glad to give you your virtual kitty-fix.
Thanks Jennifer, a day at a time.
Hi Rolina, you are welcome. New cats are so exciting, I can't help myself.
Everybody, good to know I am not boring everybody to death with cat tales.

Michelle B. Hendry said...

Ooooo Kitty bookmarks!

Good news that they are adapting.....


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