Friday, April 17, 2015

I Have Basement Cats

9x12 inch Pastel/Coloured Pencil: Basement Window
Obviously, I have cats on the mind.
Simba has made great progress. He is friendly, he loves to play, both with absconded furry and large dog toys, and chasing madly after a toilet tissue roll I tied to a string (he loves that one).  He has explored his space in the presence of our dog, and even played about in front of her and not freaked out when she follows him around. I don’t see any issues there.
Unfortunately, our resident old-timer, Riker (cat) is Not Pleased, Seriously Not Pleased, and so has decided that the solution is to maintain his lordship over the upper story of our home, and ceded the basement to the newbies. So that's why I currently have Basement Cats, hopefully not a permanent situation. I’ll be bringing out the big guns to fix this—TUNA.  Will try some mutual treating sessions to build some positive associations up.
So still no good photo’s of the newbies. Oh yes, Batman is still in the batcave. He’s still hiding, but not so much, and I caught him watching Simba play. So that’s progress. Now I just need to worry about Riker. 
Nothing is ever simple.


Rolina said...

Ahh, softly, softly is the only way, hopefully they will all get along soon. Tuna is a great idea!

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Rolina!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

tuna is a good idea, will just take time and lots of patience :)

kaslkaos said...

The tuna worked, at least it gets them in sight of each other and momentarilly happy, which is a point to work from, and Riker had some TV lap time with Simba looking on.
Batman made a brief appearance, wow! Can't wait to get pictures.


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