Thursday, April 9, 2015

Two Invisible Diva's, or, Three Cats I have once again

Once upon a time, I had three cats.  Time passed, and I lost one, and then another, until only Riker was left. I thought I would be happy with that, the old-timer is looking good, and all I need in catness, right?  He's friendly, cuddly, fluffy, and cute, and he LOVES the dog. I do mean LOVES, or, well, he uses the dog. Is that the same thing?  When I say loves, and or uses, I mean that he walks up to her, bumps her muzzle to solicit a spa session. He won't quit until until the dog complies with an ear wash, lick lick lick. One ear, his head, and then the other. So that's Riker.
But I and husband both felt there was room in our little house for more cats, and we wanted more cats, and why shouldn't we have more cats, so in January, we started checking the listings, and on Tuesday, the we brought home two gorgeous cats, and I do mean gorgeous. I would love to show you photo's, but they won't let me. Batman (yes, they came with names), has wedged his body behind the fridge. I thought he was stuck, but my husband has seen him, in brief flashes, in other places, so he's okay.  Simba is hiding under the couch. So I'm typing this in their invisible presence hoping they will make an appearance any time soon. Please.
I have tuna!
Actually, the tuna has been somewhat effective, so I've managed to see Simba today. Simba is a Lynx point colorpoint shorthair, but most of us would call him a tabby siamese.  So he's slinky, silvery and has wide blue eyes.
Batman is black.  He's shaped exactly the same, because he is an oriental shorthair, which looks just like a siamese of another colour. Simba is 8 months old, and Batman is just over a year. Until tuesday, they lived with an elderly couple and a bothersome dog. Well, that's as much story as I got.  So maybe they are used to hiding, and they don't yet know that our dog is old and gentle.
Ooooh! Simba just popped up. Wow! I can't wait to share pictures. Not today, but someday. For today, art will have to do. I started this on a day I was anticipating taking these cats home. This is where I start my pastels, with ochre pencils, followed by layers of yellow.  It's as close as you'll get to seeing my invisible cats, for now.


Rolina said...

Aw, congratulations on the new additions to your family.

I look forward to seeing the photos when you can take them!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

come out kittys, we want photos :p :)

probably a few more days and a few more cans of tuna and they will pop out. helps that Dynamo is good with cats :)

kaslkaos said...

Jennifer & Rolina, Thanks for visits! And an update. Simba is super friendly, once he's warmed up. He's still skittish if I get up and move fast, but looking good. Batman remains incognito.

Michelle B. Hendry said...

Kitties are wonderful. I love the drawing! Congrats on the new additions.

My cat is pound cat and he still moves fast when I get up. He's been with us 14 years! But when I'm still, I am cat couch!

kaslkaos said...

Michelle, did you see the 'cat couch' art install.
An interesting turn-around. And thanks, and congrats on rescuing a cat from the pound!!! Big kitty smiles for that!


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