Friday, May 8, 2015

Make Your Own Wire Hook and Eye Clasp, Tutorial, The Hook, Part 1

So I’m hi-jacking my blog for a moment, so that I can document my process for future reference, my own. (and possibly yours).  I’ve finally mastered (more or less) making my own hook and eye clasp with copper wire.  I’ve been trying this on and off for a while, and every time I get back to it it is like re-inventing the wheel.
Enough of that, this time I took pictures, and measurements. Before I forget, here’s the process for all the world to see, and for me to remember.
Start with a length of wire (20 gage copper wire) and cut to 17 cm. Bend 4 cm in a tight fold (this will be the hook).
Wrap the wire around the large part of jewellery pliers (shown).
Grasp the resulting ‘eye’ with your flat pliers.
And wrap around the shaft of the hook.  If the short end of the wire is too long (overlaps the eye, trim it now, as you can’t do that after wrapping. It should be hidden within the wrap)
Wrap with your hand, the long untrimmed end will help, you need that extra length. You can tidy up a loose coil with your flat plier as you go along.

Then snip off the extra, and push the end down with the flat plier. Now you have an eye to attach to your chain and a double thick shaft to turn into a hook.
Using your jewellery pliers (the round nosed ones), put in a nice tight curl at the end.
Use your round-nosed pliers to pinch the curled end and bend down towards the eye into a hook.
And finish shaping it with a little bend at the bottom. Now you have a lovely little handmade by you (or in this case by me) hook.
A functional clasp needs two parts. A hook and eye. We just made a hook (with an eye). The eye is actually two eyes end to end, one that gets hooked, and one that gets attached to a chain or cord.
Next up, you need to make the second part. The eye of the clasp.  Stay tuned.

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