Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Three Cats I Have--Dudes vs Gramps

Not all is perfect in wonderland. Last time I mentioned my newly adopted cats (Simba and Batman), I did mention that they were being persecuted into living in the basement by my elder cat (Riker). The two parties have been renamed: The Dudes, and Gramps, respectively.
I must admit, the whole on-going situation has been somewhat stessful for me (it doesn't take much). We currently have a great big lawnchair parked in our front hall to give the Dudes a not so secret tunnel access to our main floor. Riker mostly leaves them alone as long as they don't cross an invisible line to the rest of the house, meaning they can't, unless they are very sneaky, get into the bedroom, or the living room, or the upstairs bathroom, but they now can watch the birds, sit in a window, play on the staircase, sleep under the lawnchair in the hall, or sit on my studio chair. That's progress, but still no night visits on the bed. Hopefully Gramps will get less grumpy with time. I suspect the Dudes are far more okay with the situation than I am, as they are mostly happy barring the occassional hissy fit. They came from an apartment, so in regards to sheer square footage and vertical space, they've gained some turf in their lives. I still, however wait for the day that I can share a few cute "cats cuddling on the bed" pics.
So that's the update, and one reason I've gone a bit quiet on the blog. It doesn't take much to get me into a quiet mood but when I feel off-kilter I find it hard to respond to anything (that's an apology to bloggers I've ignore)

Simba the artist. My chair is his chair. He's starting to join me at my desk, and since Riker never did this, Riker's okay with it.

Tunnel Warfare, Batman and Simba invade the front hall. It's a tripping hazard, and major inconvenience but if it brings peace to the house I'll live with it. I await the day I can put this all away.

Some "Dudes" inspired sharpie art just keep things on topic. 
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Michelle B. Hendry said...

I can be the same way (radio silence).
They are beautiful kitties. Hope everybody eventually gets along. (mostly!!)

kaslkaos said...

Thanks. And, yep, I have noticed throughout the years (it's been YEARS!) that we seem to have similar 'issues', that thing about going silent (and trouble creating) when things in life go out of routine. It's a wee bit embarrassing when my current 'issue' is the occasional feline hissy fit, though.

Rolina said...

Heh, I hear you, I tend to "shut down" if things are not a-OK, so I completely understand.

It is good that the new cats are gaining some ground, you are doing it the right way, slowly but surely and providing cover is a great idea.

They are beautiful cats too!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

very pretty art :D

and gramps should get less cantankerous with time, if not there is always cat nip to distract him from them going to other parts of the house :p

kaslkaos said...

And I think they've figured out that 'Gramps' needs to sleep occasionally.

kaslkaos said...

Rolina, thanks! I'm sorry I don't comment more on your blog, though. Your art is amazing (hint, everyone, go check out her blog if you haven't already).


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