Monday, July 13, 2015

Flowers of Inspiration

9x12 acrylic on watercolour paper (extreme close-ups on Etsy)
9x12 acrylic on watercolour paper (this and extreme close-ups on Etsy)
the photo, or something like the one I shared (digital download on Etsy)
an extreme close-up from another photo, wowza, posted as a digital download on Etsy.

Many things inspire me. If asked, I'll quip, Life, the Universe and Everything, which sounds flippant, but is an answer not to be taken lightly if you think on it a bit.  However abstract my art may get, there is always a trigger, an influence from outside of myself that reaches inward, twists and turns and bursts outside again.
Cinnamon Flash exploded into view this year in June. It was an iris I've owned for a very long time, in the form of a few green blades lost in the weeds and coneflowers. It was rediscovered last year with it's original tag still legible, moved, transplanted, forgotten. Until it blasted forth in glorious colour this spring for the very first time.
I took pictures.
Once I take a photo, I'm usually done with a thing.
But there is more to the universe than pretty flowers; there are people, and some of them are awesome artists that inspire.  Michelle is one of them, and it was her idea to make one of my snapshots a challenge, both of us to paint, in our own way.  Her version is completely mesmerizing (you can find it here in all it's glory).  So first came the flower, and then the flowering mind to, briefly, step into my life, and steer a course, a meander in a stream, an explosion of colour, and of ideas and interpretations, or, Life, the Universe, and Everything.
Thanks Michelle!
Michelles blog and more of her fabulous paintings at Michelle Hendry - Fine Art


Michelle B. Hendry said...

I just love how your paintings flow! These flowers are still in motion with the breeze.
This was a lot of fun! Thanks for letting me play with your photo. We'll have to do this again sometime!

kaslkaos said...

Thanks! and Thanks! and Yes! It was fun, a little intimidating, but I decided to just 'let go' with paint and paper and see what happens.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

wonderful! :D its so neat seeing how you both interpreted the photo and each work is so recognizable as being from each of you, hmm not sure if that makes sense lol

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Jennifer! And yes, I thought it would be fun to see it so different. Should have done a three-way with you. Hmmm...


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