Thursday, September 24, 2015

Moments of Ocean

Sharpie & Pen Art, quartered A4 paper
More from my art journal, which consists of cardstock folded & torn into four quarters, apply life, ink, and imagination. Occassionally, something better than mess ensues.
This one is about my holidays. Girl in a Green Dress. Only I am the girl.  It seems I made a spectacle of myself ( I seem to do this a lot). I was walking along the sloped pebble beach at Des Rosiers Campground, and the waves were coming in big and sloshy.  I was looking up at clouds, down at seawrack, and ahead at the horizon. I forgot to look at waves.  Barefoot, footing was difficult, or painful if one did not step carefully, so I got caught unawares by a rogue wave, that not only slobbered over my feet and ankles (which is fun) but engulfed knees and thighs and left my lovely green skater dress sopping wet.
I wrung it out and carried on.  The entire episode did not go unnoticed.  Some fellow campers will forever remember me as the women who walked up the beach like a little girl, barefoot, oblivious, caught in the big waves, soaking wet, and enjoying the moment.  It was fun except for having to run back to the campsite to get changed into something dry so I could enjoy the remainder of the evening in dry pants.
And here’s the green dress, and my husband had no idea he was putting horns on my head when he snapped this pic of me in front of a lovely driftwood sculpture.
Enjoy every moment.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

really nice and carefree feeling to it :D

you will have to try to get a photo of him like that somewhere now ;)

kaslkaos said...

Thanks! Ha, I will try. He is hard to photograph, and of course, I only would do the photography kind. "put horns on him" has a completely different meaning in renaissance literature (that's what a wife does when she fools about with another man). Not sure if that is still a saying in modern times, though.

Michelle B. Hendry said...

LOL! My husband would have done that on purpose...
I love wandering down the beach and through the waves. Sounds like a wonderful trip.

kaslkaos said...

Hi Michelle, my guy is afraid of camera's. I showed him this pic, and he was shocked, just shocked. I can't remember the term for what happened, though, perspective error? I remember learning about it in photography class, so I do notice, but I was forewarned.


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