Saturday, September 26, 2015

On a Clear Day, more from Forillon National Park

More from my sketchbook. This is one of the drawings I did at the campsite in Des Rosiers Campground. Unlike other trips, I did a little more art than usual and a lot less of everything else (not much reading, no crochet), because I was spending so much time just being in the moment.
The beach at Des Rosiers is open to the Gulf of St Lawrence, so the waves are usually rough and sometimes very large. The water is also brutally cold. But our August holiday coincided with some unusually warm weather. Not only was it 30C during the day, but we even had some 30C nights. And after that, it cooled down to warm and sunny everyday, making swimming at Des Rosiers at least bearable.
One day, and only one day, we had absolute flat glassy water.  I was thrilled to discover that if I very quietly dog-paddled and peered into the water at eyeball height, I could see down to bottom of the sea bed below. And I could see crabs, healthy live crabs scrabbling about just below.  First just one, and then, once I got the hang of it, I kept seeing more and more of them. Since I’ve never seen a healthy lively crab in it’s natural environment before, I was pretty thrilled (and yes, I also enjoy watching bumble bees and blue jays do their thing, so yeah, I get it, crabs are common in the ocean, but I still thought it was cool). 

Looking back towards Des Rosiers beach . Forillon National Park
Playground at Des Rosiers campground.  It’s a very photogenic playground, better yet, the view from the swing set (while actively swinging-yes, I know I’m too old for this equipment, and my butt was feeling the pinch of the kid-sized seat) but the view from the swings is completely awesome as the ocean appears and disappears from view.


Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

the view from that swing would have been amazing and worth any dirty/odd looks from the people around ;p

kaslkaos said...

Two old people on a swing set. Worse yet, two old people wearing raincoats on a swing...

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

your not old! the raincoat probably only were odd if it wasn't raining ;p


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