Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Life Drawing Tuesday

Sharpie, all sharpie on letter-sized paper.  This one I did at the end of the night when I was ready to give up. Sometimes that's a good place to be; nothing to loose, because things can't get any worse, right?  I wish I could just scribble and go all the time, as I do like this.

A piece of tail....(sorry, could not resist), this was 2 minute drawing. We had a new model. He is fabulous, very good poses, dramatic and natural. He is a working actor, had a television gig the next day.

And some very bad art. Batman concurs (or is that, just purrs), whatever. Sometimes, you just have to make very bad art to get through to the good stuff. Or at least, that's the rationalization I go for.  This one's pastel, lots of pastel, in this case, all that scribbling did not go well.
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Jennifer Rose Phillip said...


lol didn't even notice the cat tail at first, just the drawing :)

that first drawing is wonderful :D


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