Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Life Drawing Tuesday

Another Life Drawing Tuesday.  Second session of the season, trying to keep in mind, it’s all practice. While I was ‘practicing’ I was feeling pretty miserable. I went through a whole ton of A4 paper, and never reached for the ‘good stuff’ even when we got to the longer poses. But some interesting things happened. Above is one of many sketches I did during a 75 minute pose.  I didn’t count how many; it was a wonderful pose, but I could not for the life of me get the anatomy right.  But the light was fantastic, and the casual pose was great, and, by golly, I think I did get it in this one.
I was experimenting with layered oil pastel to come up with this one.  I was very pleasantly surprised to see how layers of oil colour can be built up on smooth white standard computer paper.  I started with a yellow and built up from there. The yellow caught and grabbed consequent layers of colour.  I blended with white over all for the background and colourless blender for the figure and set in the details with coloured pencil, and pulled out a few highlights by scraping back colour to reveal the yellow beneath.  This was 25 minutes of a half hour pose, and so I had five minutes left to go.
And an interesting thing happened. First, I was just randomly layering pastels to test out what happens, especially (an oil pastel version of scribbling), but then the lines of my previous drawings where revealed by the shading (impressed line technique if you do it on purpose), so decided to run with the serendipity of it all, and revealed the face by shading in the negative space around it (as opposed to drawing the outline). And ended up with the drawing I like the best.
And that’s how the evening went.
PS. Photos were taken outdoors, and ‘auto-corrected’ with irfanview. I’m trying to spend more time making art and less time posting it but it’s a compromise (I was using bright white paper)


Michelle B. Hendry said...

Colour seems to be your preferred way of expressing light, but the proportions are not lost in the gestures. Interesting poses, for sure. Nice work!

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

great colours :D and a really nice happy accident with the last one

kaslkaos said...

Thanks Michelle, and Jennifer!
PS. 'happy accidents' yes, but always reminds me of this painting show and this old dude in a vest saying 'happy happy accidents' as he slapped paint on canvas with a palette knife. And then whenever serendipity hits, I'm saying 'happy accident' to myself...some folks will live on forever in the mind. Anyone know who the 'happy accident' guy is?

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

Bob Ross or his mentor Bill Alexander?? interesting little feud actually happened with them it seems

kaslkaos said...

Seriously? Tell me more (if you want). I think I mostly remember the 'happy accident' thing from spoofs by Canadian comedy tv to be completely honest.

Jennifer Rose Phillip said...

Bill felt like he didn't get any credit for teaching Bob, so not much of a story but one most people don't know :)



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